It's not the biggest or the most known about, but after taking a side trip to the museum this past weekend, it is still one that is worth checking out.

The museum takes you through the history of Canmore and other nearby mine towns that used to exist in the early 1900's. There are some collections of old miners' tools and some kitchen items from an old homestead. One of the intriguing items that was displayed was an old clock that hangs in its original shape that shows the exact time that one of the mines closed down on its last day of business.

Along one of the walls, there are numerous 4x6" photos that are hung from different mine sites, mine towns in and around the Canmore area. What is really neat is that you can flip the photos up and see what that particular area or site looks like now. It's amazing to see how much some of the places have changed. There are areas where everyone drives through today where the landscape is just land and grass but where once buildings and miners' houses used to exist. Few places remain the same.

There are also a couple collections of olden day wedding dresses worn by some of Canmores' residents in the early 1900's. We're not entirely sure if cream was a popular color back then or if the dresses have just yellowed in time.

Also, for those interested in geology, there is a section on how coal is formed and how old geologist and surveying tools used back then along with a collection of fossils. It's quite neat to see the tools used back then.

Although small, you can still spend a good while in the museum and it's definitely something to check out if you're in or around Canmore and have some extra time on your hands. When you enter the Civic Centre the museum is on your left hand side.

Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre Photos


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