If you have seen photos from the badlands in Alberta, there is a very good chance you’ve seen these hoodoos just east of Drumheller. The Hoodoos are unique geological formations formed by years of erosion.

The pillar is typically made of sandstone which is softer and comprised from the sands and clay of the Horseshoe Canyon. The top cap, called the capstone, is made of a much harder material. As the weather slowly grinds down away at the sandstone, it creates a unique formation due to the capstone resisting the erosion effects. The result is a soft column with a dinner plate sitting on top!

Over time the road side Hoodoos in Drumheller have experienced a lot of human induced erosion. This is due to many people climbing on them and touching them to get better photos. To help preserve these formations a series of elevated catwalks were installed to keep people off the ground.

Considering the ease of access, being right off the highway, it makes for a must see stop if you are driving through the area.

Drumheller Hoodoo's Photos


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