Take an escapade and experience the Badlands through the eyes of 4 different historical explorers on the Explorer's Bus Tour. The Explorer's Bus Tour is a newly launched program as part of rejuvenation efforts in protecting the Natural Preserve of the Badlands. The 2 hour tour takes you into the Natural Preserve, an area that is prohibited to explore unless you are with a guide. .. which so happens to be provided by the Bus Tour!

For $12 per adult on a 2 hour tour, we didn't expect much at first. Our expectations didn't get any higher as we watched a beige, small bus with a fairly sized, semi dorky, dinosaur drawing on it pull up with all the windows open suggesting the lack of air conditioning which was essential for the hot day. After a little over 2 hours of driving up and down the extremely narrow dirt road with numerous historical and geological stops our final thought was this... BEST thing we could have spent money on in the Badlands!

The tour guide was fantastic; his hair a curly bed of curls just shaking with excitement as he showed us buried fossils still in the ground, shared the incredible history of different explorer's and taught us some of the geology of the formation of the hoodoos and Badlands. We experienced what it was like for First Nations people, early pioneers, fossil hunters and the modern paleontologists. The photo opportunities were endless and there wasn't a boring moment throughout. It is hard to find a tour that is enjoyable and exciting for all ages but age is of no relevance here as the Explorer's Bus Tour will engage and sweep you off your feet no matter how young or old you are!

One way in, one way out... so don't miss out on your chance to take the most worthwhile tour in the Badlands!

Explorer's Bus Tour Photos


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