Discover "How the West was Once" at Canada's largest open-air museum. As soon as you step through the gates you are thrown back through history. Since we were only in the Historical village we won't really go into detail about the stuff before the gate since we haven't experienced it firsthand. They do offer Gasoline Alley Museum and the Town Square year round which is right at the gates of the Historical Village.

For those who have annual passes or just pay a dollar, you can hop on a small tram which circles the large parking lot on rails and brings you right up to the front gates. Once inside, depending which way you turn, there are a few areas where you can head up and pet a few of the animals on the grounds. Our favorite being a donkey we named Herbert. As we learned later, his real name was Bart although we still find Herbert was much more fitting and hopefully you will too when you see him! They also have a collection of horses and small farm animals.

There are over 150 historical buildings that you can explore and navigate through as you let your mind wonder of how it was back in the day. The staff of Heritage Park are also are scattered amongst these buildings all dressed up ready to share plenty of stories and 'experiences' of how the characters they are reenacting would have lived.

If trains tickle your fancy, they also offer a very nice collection of old locomotives, snow plows, and all sorts of carriages ranging from the what the lowest class of people rode in to the most prestigious Prime Minister's carriage.

After a day of walking you can take a ride on the large authentic steam locomotive that circles the interior of the park or take a boat ride on the Glenmore reservoir aboard the S.S. Moyie paddle boat. And if that's not enough they also got an antique midway and horse drawn carriage to boot!.

The Historical Village of Heritage Park is only open from mid May to mid October so the next time its warm out, be sure to take the whole family and enjoy the historical adventure at Heritage Park.

Heritage Park Historical Village Photos


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