If you are ever in Golden, B.C., the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre is a place that is worthwhile checking out whether its with your family, friends or even by yourself. The wolf centre dedicates their time in caring for 6 wolves in an spacious, forested enclosure and takes time to educate individuals on protecting these unique creatures.

Many people have a misconception of wolves and tend to associate them with the "Big Bad Wolf" when in reality, wolves are quite shy and are not the threat that many think they would be in the wilderness to humans.

The Wolf Centre focuses on wolf education and awareness and also on how we can help protect them in the wildlife. It was interesting to hear all about the wolf packs and how important they are to the ecosystem. The guide tells you everything from the history of the wolves to their natural habitat and what they eat. An interesting dynamic we found once we learnt more of the wolves was that the 2 owners of the Wolf Centre, have become the "Alphas" or leaders of this little wolf pack and the wolves in turn have become quite attached to them.

While the place is open year round, since it is an outdoor exhibit the winter time is much quiter. In summer time there were groves of people everywhere but when we stopped by in winter again we were actually 2 of only 4 people there. Its also a good way to pass some time if your ever stuck in Golden due to highway closures as they will generally let you past the closure if you tell them you are going to check out the Wolf Centre.

Although you can not pet the wolves, you can see them close up and sometimes they'll entertain you with their playfighting and pacing along the fence. "Blackwolf Photography" gives people the opporutinitiy to go on walks with these wolves for photography purposes. These beautiful photgraphy sessions are year round and although we did not get the chance to go, we do encourage photgraphers and anyone with a camera to check it out when they come visit the centre as well!

Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre Photos


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