As you travel through Kootenay National Park, you encounter a multitude of scenery and landscapes over the 1400 square kilometers in which it encompasses in the Canadian Rockies. The beauty of alpine scenery, the charred, bare trees of burnt forests, the cool and icy hanging glaciers, the breezes through the carved canyons and the pallet of colours among the Vermillion and Kootenay Rocks, leave your sensations tingling.

Highway 93, the connecting highway between Windermere and Banff National Park, going through Radium Hot Springs, holds many hidden jewels that are worth exploring. Some such as Numa Falls, locate 68 km from Radium Hot Springs, are a simple couple minute walk from the parking lot.

Easy accessible, Numa Falls is a perfect example of nature's wondrous beauty and immense power. Located just before the Vermillion Crossing, Numa Falls is a sight to see anytime but especially in the spring time or times of flood run-off, where it shows incredible power with the most water cascading down. Needing nothing but your 2 feet,you walk the short distance to the wooden bridge. The bridge puts you smack dab front and centre of the waterfall view. You can overlook the waterfall as it cascades through the narrow corridor that is surrounded by rock walls.

This cascading waterfall is part of the Vermillion River that flows from a spring runoff in Vegreville in east-central Alberta and empties into the North Saskatchewan River, 255km later. The waterfall may not be as large as the ones found in Johnston Canyon or Marble Canyon but close proximity of it to the road, is more than enough of a reason to pull over and take a break from driving. It is also the perfect spot to stop and have some lunch with the picnic tables provided and that overlook the Vermillion River.

Numa Falls Photos


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