With over 1.5 million lights, the Calgary Zoolights are one of the largest light shows in western Canada. Depending on the night you go it can be a less then thrilling as you near frostbite. If you go on any of the other warmish nights through winter your golden. Zoo official's man crackling fire pits with what feels like every few hundred meters. There is also a good supply of creamy hot chocolate at all the stands through the park. For those who can't quite weed themselves off that last cup of Starbucks, most of the stands sell that too; plenty of options to keep you warm and cheerful. In 2009 they had these superb large pretzels looking pastries that you could load up with candies, sauces and whipped cream. This year we either forgot to look out for them or were just blind. There hot dogs and fries are not bad but look out for those pretzel things!

Back to the lights... Most, if not all the trees that you walk by are strung up with all sorts of brilliant colors. You'll find monkeys and other wacky things hanging up in the trees as they light up the night sky. There are a couple large displays and one that has all the lights dancing around to the music.

The Winter-FUN-derland Kids area has a lot of activities ready to help tire the kids down and make sure they sleep quietly when they get home. It depends on the year but they usually have a Snowball Alley, Snow Bowling, Reindeer Stables, Snigloo and a Maze.

For the couples out there, the tunnel of love has always been a big hit as you walk underneath a whole bunch of red hearts and candy canes as you smooch away.

Cost wise it's not bad if you take your time and take in all the setups. If you look around online you can usually find a 2 for 1 coupon available to print. The SUTP coupon book has it most years as well.

All in all it's always been a fun time and we usually go every year. Remember to bundle up and well see you there next year!

The Calgary Zoolights Photos


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