With what was supposed to be the last day in Ireland, I reluctantly started packing my bags. Tip of advice for the European style door locks with a key, leave the key inside the lock on the inside so you know where you put it! I couldn’t imagine there being a fire or emergency inside and forgetting where I put my keys. That would make a bad day quite worse.

With the high cost of hotels in downtown Dublin I stumbled across a bit of a gem. Some hostels have their own “private” rooms to which I was expecting just a tiny room with your own bed. Turns out it’s a two story suite with your own full bathroom, a full kitchen with all the appliances, a washer and dryer, and even a queen size bed overlooking it all to boot. It was about 70 euro a night and comparable in price to a hotel where you’re stuck with a little bed and a single window.

Saying good bye to Dublin it was off in the Uber to get to the airport.

Long story short, there were troubles with the flight and I was stuck in Dublin for another 24 hours for the same flight the next day. Needless to say there was no way I could stay at the airport for an entire day; my cabin fever would get the best of me.

There is a shuttle that runs from the airport to city center so I figured I would just hop on that. Turns out they only take cash. Why the primary airport shuttle service for the city at an international airport only takes cash… I do not know. This posed a bit of a problem as my extra day wasn’t planed for so I spent most of the extra cash on Guinness the night prior so I didn’t have to bring spare euro back to Canada.

Rifling through all my pockets and bags I found enough change to give a handful of coins to the ticket booth and get on the next bus. Thankfully most of the stores and accommodations in the city take Visa. Back in Dublin and most of the day wasted, thankfully a few friends I ended up hanging out with friends made.

The next morning I got out extra early and thankfully got on the flight without issue! While it might of been just before noon, it was okay to sneak in one last Guinness before the long flight home.

The one thing I rather enjoy about Aer Lingus is that they have a little clover leaf all over the place. It makes me feel like I’m flying with a leprechaun.

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