“There are no strangers here, only friends that have not yet met.”

- William Butler Yeats

A Tale of an Irish Adventure

As 2016 rolled around I was looking for a new place to travel to. I initially was going to go to Iceland as I have an unbelievable draw to that place, it looks like nothing else on earth, pure bliss! But due to a few other expenses that year I had to keep the cost reasonably in check. The cost of a car rental was fairly high and you also were not permitted to go on the F-roads unless you forked over yet even more.

The next option was New Zealand, although I found the airfare to be a bit more and the lost travel time just getting there for only two weeks was a little discouraging. It was at that point a friend of mine, Dave, mentioned Ireland. I won’t lie… my initial thought was green rolling hills and cow pastures. I live next to Saskatchewan and it’s pretty flat and not exactly somewhere I would want to spend a vacation.

Upon a bit of actual research it looked more and more exciting with each turn of the page! The pricing is actually pretty affordable when you compare it to other western areas of the EU and the landscapes that you come across are unforgettable. If you are debating about ever going to Ireland then I hope some of what I experienced helps you out on your travels!

Without spoiling the whole story, it really is a magical place and I strongly suggest visiting Ireland! I would go back in a heartbeat.

Below is a googlemap of the route that I took. It starts with the green points and moves counter clockwise with each color signifying a new day. Pressing the square in the top left corner of the map will bring out a summary.