Scrambling in the Canadian Rockies

“Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory.”

- Ed Viesturs


Collection of Scrambling Trip Logs

Welcome to our Canadian Rockies scrambling section. Browse through our scrambling trail regions such as the Kananaskis area and Banff National Park to check out a brief description on the area and the scrambling trails included.

Solo or together, our scrambling trips have brought us not only amazing views but unforgettable moments in the Canadian Rockies. These scrambling trails brought different challenges to us both in the outdoors, making each trail to the summit even more rewarding. We hope that our descriptions and pictures of our scrambling trails are not only helpful but inspiring. Each scramble is unique and poses its own challenges while sharing exceptional panoramic views and a wicked workout! We hope to have more scrambling trails added to our list throughout this season.

There are inherent risks in scrambling in the mountains. You can find yourself facing serious exposure and obstacles along your travels. YOU are responsible for your own safety outdoors. Never take foolish risks to accomplish one more peak. Always keep your own and the people around you safety in mind.




Lake Louise